15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


We love to bring you the finest quality hand-crafted singing bowls from Nepal. Singing bowls originated in the Himalayas over 2000 year ago. Our singing bowls are selected for their therapeutic quality and healing sound. They have been used world-wide for sound healing, mediation and musical composition.


Incense with intention Our range of 6 fragrances have been designed to transport your mind to a different place and mental state using only the highest quality Australian essential oils. Whether you need to relax, be uplifted or even desired – we has a carefully curated scent to help “set the mood” 75 minute burn […]

Nada Chair Australia & 2K’s Health

Nada Chair Australia is launching in Australia at MBS Melbourne. We’re excited to show you our amazing back support products which will say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relief. 2K’s will also be introducing you to hydrogen water bottles that have proven to be a great health benefit.

Samana Yoga

Yoga, Pilates & Sound healing studio. Internationally accredited course & also registered with Yoga Australia. We are blessed with two beautiful studios. Our Yoga Shala & our Reformer Studio right next door. Our space is sacred & safe. We will welcome you with open arms. Arrive with an open mind & heart & allow us […]

Pranic Healing Melbourne

At the Festival we will be offering STRESS RELIEF HEALINGS which is Removal of any Pent-up toxic Stress energy, Anxiety, Irritations or other discomforts that are generated through excessive amounts of congested dirty energy. The Healing will also include energising – which Boosts Vitality, pumping the body with Prana(Life Force) for more energy and clarity. […]

Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a traditional Chinese meditation practice that brings about serenity while greatly benefitting overall wellbeing. It consists of five gentle meditative exercises, and teachings based around the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. It is always free of charge and everyone is welcome.

Brahma Kumaris Australia

Each thought we have is powerful and has a direct effect on ourselves, the atmosphere and others. At the Brahma Kumaris, we teach how to transform negative thoughts into more positive thoughts with the power of our mind. Visit us at The Meditation Room for an introduction to an open eyed meditation method you can […]

Life Power Healing

Kubra is a Melbourne-based Psychic Healer with the gift of facilitating physical / emotional healings & releasing entities / past-life issues, as directed by her spirit guides. She has been healing for a decade, with 100’s of success stories worldwide …

Creative Rest

CreativeREST is an app designed to revolutionize your sleep and creativity through Non-Sleep Deep-Rest (NSDR / Yoga Nidra), helping you master your sleep for more energy, creativity, and well-being. It offers scientifically backed techniques, features like personal tracking, and community boards to support your journey toward a healthier, more creative self.

Immortal Blends Superfood

Discover the essence of wellness embodied in our premium Australian-made superfood blends, dedicated to optimising health and wellbeing naturally. Our 100% plant-based superfood blends are free from fillers, flavor enhancers, wheat, or dairy. Take your health journey to the next level with our signature blend, Food of the Gods. With an impressive array of 44 […]