15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


I am an Aboriginal artist who sells artwork, facilitated workshops and art pros with organisations. I am a proud Boon Wurrung, Wotjiboluk, Wemba Wemba Nari Nari Wiradjuri women living in Rural Victoria.

Truth Books

Truth Books are a book distributor delivering books that the world is looking for. Our humble mission is to provide health, lifestyle and spirituality books that lead to a more abundant life. Come visit us for a FREE gift and allow us to connect you to a higher power.

Happy Science Australia

Happy Science is the Science of Happiness. Through the truth revealed at Happy Science, we discover who we really are, why we are born on earth, and where we go after death. It is through this ‘knowledge of the Truth’ that we start to experience ‘True Happiness.’ This is a happiness based on discovery of […]

Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a traditional Chinese meditation practice that brings about serenity while greatly benefitting overall wellbeing. It consists of five gentle meditative exercises, and teachings based around the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. It is always free of charge and everyone is welcome.

Rhonda Kelly’s Readings

International Psychic Medium. New website! https://rhondakelly.com/ Be the best version of you! Hailing from Melbourne, Rhonda is an experienced reader, as seen on Psychic TV, heard on radio and featured in magazines. Rhonda is the Executive Secretary of the Australian Spiritual Alliance (ASA) and Editor of the Spiritual Voice magazine for the ASA. Rhonda provides […]


The association hopes to deeply integrate Taoist culture into the soil of Australia. On one hand, it will actively engage in community service, offer Taoist practice courses, psychological counseling, and charitable activities to provide spiritual support and assistance to local believers and enthusiasts of Taoist culture. On the other hand, it will adhere to the […]

Brahma Kumaris Australia

Each thought we have is powerful and has a direct effect on ourselves, the atmosphere and others. At the Brahma Kumaris, we teach how to transform negative thoughts into more positive thoughts with the power of our mind. Visit us at The Meditation Room for an introduction to an open eyed meditation method you can […]


Not a business 💪Power Your Spiritual Journey Mantra meditation + Good food + Meaningful connections = Great community To bring out your best requires a supportive community that can amplify your strengths. An 85 year Harvard study has found that the no.1 thing that keeps us happier, healthier, and helps us live longer is Positive […]

Every Life

Do you know who you really are? Do you know how to live on this planet? Do you know how to find true love? At EveryLife we take you into a journey of discovery. We put you on the driver’s sit and as you take off we show you how unlimited you really are. We […]

Community of Hope

The Community of Hope are friends of Yeshua, committed to encouraging the nurture, growth and spiritual healing of the whole person.