15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


RELIEVE. NOURISH. RELAX. RESTORE. Discover the natural wonders of Downunder Magnesium’s natural Magnesium products, sourced from the pristine Salt Lakes of Western Australia. Our Magnesium is mother nature’s secret weapon, enriched with essential minerals to provide you with instant relief from muscle pain and stress. Embracing a holistic approach to wellness as our products extend […]

CannonBalm Australia

✅ Get rapid relief from joint & muscle pain with ULTIMATE. Our original anti-inflammatory balm for arthritis, injuries, aches & pains. Keep it on hand for when pain strikes ✅ Get a deep tissue massage comfortably with LET-GO muscle relaxing, pain relieving pre massage balm ✅ Athletes & Bodybuilders: Avoid cramps & injury, perform longer […]

Sacred Taste

Sacred Taste is a premium Cacao company that is dedicated to crafting the finest quality, wild-crafted cacao, ethically sourced, sustainably made cacao. It is our mission to preserve the land and protect the culture from where our cacao comes from, whilst helping people reconnect to the planet and their purpose and their purpose through remembering […]

Kaizen Foot Care

We at Kaizen Foot Care solely believe in the continuous enrichment of your sole health! Our products target severely dry and cracked feet, and keep your feet hydrated continuously.
 Your feet work hard to take you through life each day. Let Kaizen Foot Care help you reduce your feet’s stress and continuously provide improvement to […]

Dr Kez Chirolab

Heal faster, Feel Better, Live Life. Chiropractor created natural health solutions for pain management, injury recovery and life balance. Helping people to live their best, healthy lives is at the heart of everything we do at Dr Kez Chirolab®. No-one deserves to be in pain. We offer products to support natural healing and preventative healthcare. Helping you […]