15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Love Anandi

Nestled at the heart of transformation and healing, Love Anandi brings to life an exquisite collection of one-of-a-kind high vibrational jewellery, designed not just to adorn the body but to touch the soul.


Costanzo Jones Designs design hand make a range of exquisite crystal and gemstone mandala hangers, tree of life crystal hangers, crystal key rings, gemstone necklaces, gemstone novelties, stunning crystal tiaras, We also design a range of Zen statue display sets incorporated with crystals & gemstones. Gemstone trees. We import & stock a range of collector […]

Sue James Clayworker

I am a central Victorian studio Potter making porcelain pieces inspired by our native garden, using wheel throwing and hand building techniques, I take impressions from real blooms and leaves, impress the clay, then do three kiln firings, Bisque/Glaze/Platinum or & Gold.

Seven Treasures

Seven Treasures is a small family business based in Wollongong and run by Sev and Evren with love and passion. We sell a wide range of unique Evil Eye 🧿 inspired products as well as many other popular styles of jewellery, both sterling silver and stainless steel. You can find what you are looking for […]

Eynesbury House of Couture

Eynesbury Jewellery was established in Eynesbury House SA in 2009 and is renowned for unique and popular designs at affordable fashion prices. Whether it’s formal or everyday jewellery, rose gold or lab created diamonds, Eynesbury is the perfect styling brand and gift idea.

Botanical Stone

Botanical stone is a Nature inpired jewllery brand that molds REAL Native and Medicinal Plants to use in our Designs. We believe in the power of the Natural world and its wisdom is the driving force behind our philosophy and creative design.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather design and make products to bring love, light and positive energy to you. Their aim is to delight you with hand crafted products and help you feel calm, grounded, loved, empowered and spiritually connected. Explore this beautiful range of hand-made Feather Headpieces, Wildflower Smudge Bundles, Goddess Crystal Headpieces, Feather Earrings and […]


AusSpirit is the home of mystical essences & blends, beautiful jewellery, and powerful crystals. Our company is based in Brisbane, Australia, and has a strong, ethics based perspective, where all beings and matter are honoured and respected. Our carefully crafted jewellery and crystals work in perfect harmony with our essences and blends. Over two decades […]

Mindful Mob Wellness and Coaching

Welcome to Mindful Mob Wellness and Coaching, a beacon of transformative wellness and personal empowerment! We unite a global community of mindful individuals and practitioners, fostering spiritual growth and emotional harmony. Discover a rich array of resources: from innovative products to enlightening podcasts, immersive events, and transformative coaching programs. Our diverse team brings cultural and […]

Affordable Crystals

We are a small family-based business with 100% genuine crystal ethically sourced. We pride ourselves with the quality of our Crystals as if we do not like the quality how can we expect you too.