15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Cryo Remedy

“Welcome to Cryo Remedy, your destination for recovery and prehab/rehab needs.” At Cryo Remedy, we believe in the power of sports and wellness to improve the lives of individuals and athletes alike. I’m Jason Naidovski, a former professional footballer who has a passion for promoting health, wellness and recovery in sports. Throughout my career, I […]

Healthy Alc-free Drinks

Taste the goodness and feel the difference of our alcoholic free drinks, tonics and elixirs. For those wanting to drink for greater health, without sacrificing on taste. From real Ginger with kick to traditional Sarsaparilla, highly concentrated & bioavailable liquid Turmeric & Curcumin, fresh 100% Australian Cherry Juice, Herbs berries & spices to Hemp oil […]

Beta Hemp

Beta Hemp is a Sydney based company dedicated to improving the lives of it’s customers through the many health benefits of oil and gummies.

Canna Oils

BCP is a terpene that works similarly to CBD oil. The difference is that our BCP is extracted from Black Pepper or Cloves, so we are totally legal in Australia (no regulation). Our products have been found to help with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep as they bind directly to the CB2 receptors of […]

Dr Chill

Experience the benefits of Dr Chill’s organically certified full-spectrum hemp grown in the fertile hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. Dr.Chill Hemp Oil is produced by hand on our family farm, infused in MCT coconut oil and is 100% certified organic – AS 6000. Enjoy our boutique seed-to-product experience as we cultivate, harvest, and craft all […]

Hemp Co Australia

Hemp Co Australia is a brand that specialises in skin care and beard care products that are vegan, plant based, all natural and actually work. The company was founded with the mission of providing all natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products to consumers, while also promoting the benefits of hemp as an alternative to traditional materials […]

Natures’ Nectars

Natures Nectar Oils brings high-quality food grade CCBDO & essential oils to the community. Our range of products include infusions, balms, pain patches, gummies, bath soaks, body & beauty serums, scrubs & teas. Our love for plant medicine and its influence on us continues to inspire new ways to bring it into our daily lives. […]