15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Wild Moon Tribe is here to help bring rituals into your everyday life that will assist you in connecting to spirit, listen to your intuition and drop into your heart space.

Bespoke & Co Candles

Bespoke & Co’s crystalline infused candles not only provide you with a bespoke scent; courtesy of pure essential oils. Our candles are hand-poured, crafted to provide each individual with an aesthetically pleasing experience in regards to all senses, whilst being exposed to high frequency healing properties. Our beautiful aromas, mists, diffusers, essential oil roll-ons and […]


Incense with intention Our range of 6 fragrances have been designed to transport your mind to a different place and mental state using only the highest quality Australian essential oils. Whether you need to relax, be uplifted or even desired – we has a carefully curated scent to help “set the mood” 75 minute burn […]

House of Velardi

We design and create products with a clear intention beyond their basic function. We firmly believe that purposeful products are the cornerstone of our mission. For us, it’s about aligning our business goals with broader social and environmental objectives to create value for everyone involved. We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to the […]

ANDESS Rainforest Healing Plants

We are in NSW, Australia and considered so far by our customers a trusted online retailer and distributor of unique healing herbs, amazing superfood powders, natural incenses, rare essential oils, plant medicine essences, ceremonial clothes and accessories, healing jewlery, as well as other sacred and shamanic tools. All our products are sourced directly from local […]

Wikan Designs

Wikan Designs is a Melbourne-based spirituality brand that helps people ignite their purpose, and change their lives from the inside out – and feel amazing in the process. Immerse yourself in the beauty of following your intuition and embracing your inner goddess. Visit us at C43 to explore our offerings, get a reading, healing, cleanse […]

Empowered Clothing

Empowered Clothing: Dress with Intent and Awaken Your Inner Light Empowered Clothing goes beyond fashion; it’s about Conscious Empowerment through intentional dressing. We combine ethical and sustainable practices with the power of colour, chakras, crystals, positive affirmations, frequency and sacred geometry to create high-vibe clothing and accessories that elevate your holistic well-being. Proudly Australian-made, designed, […]


NEW AGE THERAPY & RITUAL SHOP THE HOUSE OF SACERDOS Helping you become the best version of you. Embark on a spiritual journey of new age therapy at The House of Sacerdos in Sunbury VIC. Under the guidance of Jessie, a neutral Priestess, you’ll expand your knowing and live your best life. It is therapeutic […]

Curcuma Golden Drops

Curcumin, the golden gem of turmeric, holds immense health potential. But here’s the catch—its natural form struggles with bioavailability. Curcumin often doesn’t make it past our digestive system, so we miss out on its full benefits. Golden Drops uses BIOMS™ technology to break curcumin down into tiny particles, supercharging absorption. Come and see us and […]

Scented Homeware

Are you ready to elevate your ambiance and immerse yourself in a sensory journey like never before? Well Look no further than Scented Homeware. Our Scented home décor products like our Crystal Light Diffusers – are the perfect fusion of high vibrational crystal energy, captivating scents and enchanting ambient glow. Inspired by ‘what women want’ […]