15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

House of Velardi

We design and create products with a clear intention beyond their basic function. We firmly believe that purposeful products are the cornerstone of our mission. For us, it’s about aligning our business goals with broader social and environmental objectives to create value for everyone involved. We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to the […]

Fouli Organics

Meticulously Hand Crafted in Melbourne, Fouli Organics creates natural skincare without any toxic chemicals. Our Face Serum is our best seller and we use Blue Tansy essential oil in there, also known as “natures botox”. Our Hair Growth serum has the same effectiveness of pharmaceutical hair growth formulas without the nasty side effects. Our Body […]

Kaizen Foot Care

We at Kaizen Foot Care solely believe in the continuous enrichment of your sole health! Our products target severely dry and cracked feet, and keep your feet hydrated continuously.
 Your feet work hard to take you through life each day. Let Kaizen Foot Care help you reduce your feet’s stress and continuously provide improvement to […]

Froth N Flames

Step into the realm of spiritual renewal with Froth N Flames, an Australian haven of tranquility. Our holistic approach embraces ancient rituals like smudging, purifying your space with the sacred smoke of herbs, inviting harmony and serenity into your life. Through meticulous chakra balancing, we harmonize the energy centers within, fostering a deep sense of […]

Wilde Aroma

Wilde Aroma creates beautifully scented home rituals and skin care products for personal wellness. Embracing sustainability and ethical practices, they offer a sensory journey with their handcrafted candles, nature inspired fragrances, and nourishing bath and body essentials. Elevate your senses and embrace mindful living with their meticulously crafted creations.