15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Love Anandi

Nestled at the heart of transformation and healing, Love Anandi brings to life an exquisite collection of one-of-a-kind high vibrational jewellery, designed not just to adorn the body but to touch the soul.

A Better

Have you been down the Castor Oil rabbit hole? At A Better we believe that true wellness encompasses more than just physical health. It’s about nurturing your body, calming your mind, and uplifting your spirit. Each item in our store is thoughtfully chosen to support your holistic well-being. A Better Natural Health & Wellness Shop […]


Incense with intention Our range of 6 fragrances have been designed to transport your mind to a different place and mental state using only the highest quality Australian essential oils. Whether you need to relax, be uplifted or even desired – we has a carefully curated scent to help “set the mood” 75 minute burn […]

ANDESS Rainforest Healing Plants

We are in NSW, Australia and considered so far by our customers a trusted online retailer and distributor of unique healing herbs, amazing superfood powders, natural incenses, rare essential oils, plant medicine essences, ceremonial clothes and accessories, healing jewlery, as well as other sacred and shamanic tools. All our products are sourced directly from local […]


Experience the joy of pure and natural essential oils with PRO-OILS AROMATHERAPY at the MindBodySpirit Festival. In addition to an enormous range of individual plant oils, we have over 30 aromatherapy blends to help promote relaxation, balance, and well-being. Our range includes ultrasonic diffusers, roll-ons and gift sets. We also stock empty bottles and packaging, […]


NEW AGE THERAPY & RITUAL SHOP THE HOUSE OF SACERDOS Helping you become the best version of you. Embark on a spiritual journey of new age therapy at The House of Sacerdos in Sunbury VIC. Under the guidance of Jessie, a neutral Priestess, you’ll expand your knowing and live your best life. It is therapeutic […]


Indulge your senses at SoyCandleLab. Our luxury products, including soy candles, aromatherapy soaps, rollers and more, will illuminate you and your home with beautiful aromas. We are sustainable, organic and completely hand crafted. SoyCandleLab, where Science meets Nature.

Warratina Lavender farm

We are a family-owned lavender farm, and pride ourselves on giving you a real lavender experience. The main flowering season is from November to January, although the gift shop and tearoom are open for refreshments and purchases out of season. Our opening details are listed on our website.

Froth N Flames

Step into the realm of spiritual renewal with Froth N Flames, an Australian haven of tranquility. Our holistic approach embraces ancient rituals like smudging, purifying your space with the sacred smoke of herbs, inviting harmony and serenity into your life. Through meticulous chakra balancing, we harmonize the energy centers within, fostering a deep sense of […]

Adam Barralet

Need help with pain, immunity, weight, sleep, stress or emotional overwhelm? Plant medicine tackles the cause rather than just the symptoms and essential oils offer a potent way of accessing this power. DID YOU KNOW: Not all essential oils are the same! In fact, 75% of what is sold as Lavender isn’t even from a […]