15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Mind Body Vegan are passionate about sharing their ‘energy concept’ which provides people an understanding that we are the transformers and transferers of energy. Pure energy comes directly from the sun and into plants, which photosynthesise. This initial transformation of energy is then held within the plant until it is consumed by us.

Energy can be transferred out and essentially diminished when food is either ultra-processed or left to sit on a shelf for many months, or even years. If we were to look into our fridge and pantry and identify all of the food with preservatives included, we would find that we are consuming food that would have otherwise lost its energy long before we consume it.

Food that should be ‘dead’ with little to no energy, has been kept on life support via additives and preservatives. If we look at these foods, we would see that it may still contain what is the physical aspect of nutrition however, the meta-physical aspect which is the energy, has depleted.

So much of society today as made us believe that food is merely a physical object. If your physical body needs to fill its physical self, then eating is just a physical exercise to satisfy that physical need.

Contrary to this notion, Mind Body Vegan couples the physical with the meta-physical. The physical component to food is the nutrient content and the meta-physical is the energy content; the content that we can only recognise when we are conscious about what we are eating.

Ali and Stacey encourage all their patrons and followers to see food via the lens of both the physical and the meta-physical. Also, to highlight that food is not merely just about taste.

Their top tips for transforming peoples’ eating habits are to focus on macro nutrients in every meal, protein, good fats and carbohydrates, and when selecting their macro-nutrient components, to consider foods that are alive and full of energy. These are fresh, vibrant wholefoods and foods that are minimally processed.

If we all ate with energy in mind, we would all have a lot more energy to give.