15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

With an ever increasing amount of turmoil in the world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes out-of-control of ourselves.

Our thoughts have power.  They shape the way we feel and have an influence on the people around us, on nature and on our world.

Raja Yoga Meditation teaches us how just five minutes a day consciously creating thoughts of love, happiness and peace for myself and the world can help lift the atmosphere in a subtle yet very meaningful way.  The influence of these powerful thoughts is far-reaching and magnificent.

Raja Yoga Meditation is an open eyed meditation that can be practiced anytime and anywhere.  It improves the quality of my everyday living. The ability to draw on our meditation skills in adverse situations helps us to develop positive attitudes, emotional balance, creative intelligence, positive action and better human relations in our everyday situations.

There are many benefits of Raja Yoga Meditation such as relaxing and calming the nervous system; retraining our minds in the art of concentration; understanding the workings of our inner selves; helping us to reframe negative experiences and heal ourselves; consciously choosing what we want to be, do and achieve. In short, it helps us to positively empower our lives!