15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Yoga is a practice of CONNECTING Mind, Body and Heart.We say heart because this is where your soul and intuition lives.

The more you connect with yourself as a whole, the more you will feel alive and begin to experience the magical process of self-transformation as you move, breathe and feel.

In Class Tips

★ Breathe and drop into the sensations of the body. This occupies the mind and keeps you in the moment. Your mind will wander so whenever you are consciously aware of this gently bring your mind back into focusing on your breath bodily sensation. This is a powerful meditation tool which is practised by Tibetan Monks.

★ Use your imagination to help you create a soft fluid like experience through the class and help you to let go on a deeper level. This will allow you to stretch and open up the muscles with greater ease. Imagine that you are like water flowing down a stream as you breathe and move in and out of postures.

★ Keep aware of what you are feeling without judgement. Staying present with feelings and emotions that come up allow the body to flow and move with grace. Allow yourself to feel. This is a missing ingredient which is not talked about. The more you allow yourself to feel into your heart and into the sensations of the body the more you will CONNECT mind body and soul.

★ Honour yourself and be aware of what your present limitations are. It takes times to trust and let go. Injuries happen when we do not listen to what our bodies and heart is telling us as we move in our yoga practice. Go to your edge, breathe, feel and listen.

★ Where there is NO JUDGEMENT there is an absence of stress.  Accept where you are at in your yoga practice, breathe, feel, and be in the moment. Your body is a beautiful friend doing its best for you to live your dreams in the world. Accept where you are in the moment, relax and watch yourself starting to transform your body mind and soul. This will assist you in aligning with your true essence and it will ripple out in beautiful ways to people in your life.

As you transform from the inside out, they will FEEL your inner radiance and the deep connection you are now experiencing through practising these powerful, yet subtle tools in your yoga practice.