15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Removing ourselves from the noise of the world is a truly challenging task in the face of this fast-paced modern age where we are constantly bombarded from all angles by media, our social connections, our online and offline realms. This however, is the new reality.

As we juggle the ever-shifting sands of societal trends, commitments and expectations, we often leave the task of nurturing our most important attribute; our mind to body to soul connection, to the latter end of our ever-lengthening priority list.

Then, as we gradually fall deeper into pits of physical and emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue or malnutrition, we often seek to find solutions in the most convenient, unnatural or unsatisfying ways, resulting in an never-ending cycle of quick fixes, without ever understanding the root causes.

But amidst the chaos of the new reality of our age, there is an awakening. People are learning to challenge the too common trends of sickness, confusion of purpose and lack of balance. Amidst the juggling-act of priorities and lists, there is a surge towards solutions that are satisfying and pure, honest and raw, real and rewarding.

Yoga is fundamental to this revival; yoga represents hope. Yoga represents empowerment in this movement of awakening. Yoga represents an honest means by which to dissemble negativity and grant opportunities for reconnection and rejuvenation.

Yoga isn’t about joining the trendiest yoga studio, or being the most flexible in the class. Heck, yoga is most beautiful when practiced at home, in the darkest corner, in your daggiest clothes, moving to the tantric beats and earthly vibrations of nature’s singsong; the silence, the rain, the wind, the thunder.

Yoga isn’t about setting goals or achievements or accomplishments. No, Yoga is about release, restoration and reconnection in the most humbling of forms. Listening to our body and the struggles she may be facing; the aches, strains, pains, tightness, fatigue. Acknowledge we have to prioritise honouring her, so that we in turn, can honour our divine path. Everyday, remembering to listen to our physical needs, the lack of alignment, the lack of circulation, the lack of fluidity, so that we may give space to the sounds of the deeper needs of mind and spirit.

Yoga does not place limitations or boundaries, and need not be restricting or ruling. It should not be a routine you follow, but rather a purposeful moment of acceptance and meditation as focus shifts from the external to the internal realms of mind and body and thought. Yoga represents an opportunity to embrace mindful movements of gentle alignment, healing deep breaths and beneficial exhalations, whilst gaining emotional clarity and engaging in inner conversation.

Whether your time involves curling up on your yoga mat in the foetal position, and giving yourself a well deserved hug, or a long session of various asanas; whether you are trying new positions or happy to stay within the comfort of well practiced poses, all are acceptable in the union of mind, body and soul.

Appreciate the sessions of peaceful rest as much as you enjoy the sessions of energised action. Look forward to opportunities every day to come back to your mat, to honour yourself, so that you can move with purpose and strength in an aligned body. This is the true essence of yoga, a journey that may bless you, all the days of your life.