15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Becoming fearless is a recipe for emotional health. Taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body.

Some of the benefits of Finding Fearless are the ability to be yourself, possessing greater
courage, speaking your mind, feeling happy, and having peace despite unfavourable

Being fearless means you are limitless. If you don’t fear anything, you will naturally be more
confident in life, love & leadership. Finding Fearless enables people to do amazing things with their life.

How to become fearless
Step one is to identify your fears. It’s like shining the light of truth on your soul as you focus you will find some weaknesses in their ‘armour.’ Fear can destroy and prevent us from taking necessary action to bring us close to what we really want. The biggest fears often hidden in our subconscious mind is fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of loneliness, fear of the unknown….

The second step, you face the fear head on, look it in the eye and take your power back that fear has stolen. I call this the ‘Power Shift’ – the fear that holds you hostage can be dissolved with a simple mindset shift.

Knowing which fears are healthy and helpful to have and which fears simply hold you back is
important for self-awareness and self-management. Some people’s fear is so crippling that
they can’t function normally. Others die because they don’t have enough fear. As with many
things, balance is key.

The third step to becoming fearless and emotionally healthy is to take action. The difference between people who are thriving emotionally in life and those who are not is
they have found clarity; clarity about self-image, about their weaknesses and their strength, they know who they are and what they want and proceed forward regardless of the fears they face.

Clarity is power. Leaders have it, and followers are constantly looking for it. Finding fearless is an action, it’s not something that happens; you have to be prepared to change your current status quo. This means you have to be ready to do something about your fears.

If you allow it, fear will control your life! You are in control of your choices and. Don’t ever let fear hold you back from pursuing opportunities. Opportunities only pay off if you’re willing to take them, which you can do by losing your fears. The next time you’re hesitating in life think about what you’re most afraid of, and attack that root. Then you can move forward!

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