15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Tantra came originally from India and Tibet and is a philosophy and science of life. It is one of the few philosophies that includes sacred sexuality.

Tantra, is Hindu Sanskrit for the word Tan and translates as expanding and extending, spreading and weaving which is why practicing Tantra can raise your level of consciousness and weaves together the mind, body and spirituality with sex.

Tantra has many levels and layers of depth that you can slowly build on.  It’s a way of deepening your connection to yourself, coming into more mindfulness which brings you to being more present within yourself.  From there you can connect in a much deeper and more intimate way with your partner.

Tantra involves many different practices including breathwork. When we slow our breath down we can tap into our sexual energy and start moving it through our bodies to deepen our pleasure pathways.

Tantra is the Energy of Love

When we learn to work with this sexual energy and engage intimately we can surrender to our body more. By letting go of our minds we can allow this energy to bring new dimensions into our embodied state and ultimately our sexual experience.

Communication is Another Key of Tantra

We need good communication to create real intimacy, which can then deepen our sexual experience and our connection to our partner.

There are also many activities and exercises around communication, honouring and acknowledging of each other as well.

The partnered exercises bring you into a deeper place with your partner. They can re-ignite your love and passion and bring renewed respect for each other. Some of the exercises involve touch and breath as well.

The intention behind Tantra is to create deeper intimacy with each other and strengthen your relationship by learning to be more mindful and present with each other.

Awakening the Sexual Connection

In Tantra we combine all of the above, breath, mindfulness, connection, communication, deepening intimacy and finally we add in touch.  How we touch each other, our bodies and our partner’s body. How we touch genitals to awaken them to deeper experiences and to increase and awaken the arousal system beyond what you already know.

No matter how much you think you already know, no matter how experienced you believe you are, there is always more to learn to step into our full sexual potential.