15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Mystics throughout the ages have experienced the inner light of love. They call it mystical union – a sense of timeless consolation transforming reality into oneness. It is an indescribable illumination, or enlightenment, of the nature of all things. This is the love that can light up our psyches so we can live our lives to the fullest. Similarly, love illuminates our inner world – it is the light of our psyches.

Visible light interacts with the receptors in our eyes, which in turn gives us the experience of colour. We see seven light wavelengths that correspond to seven colours. And just as our eye-brain system sees seven colours of light, our psyches perceive seven aspects of love.

The aspects of love are;

  • Commitment, its light equivalent is red.
  • Enthusiasm, with a wavelength equivalent to light orange.
  • Openness, akin to yellow.
  • Generosity, which is green.
  • Self-control, resonating within the psyche as blue.
  • Trust, equivalent to indigo; and
  • Modesty, like violet, the shortest wavelength.

Mindfulness is like opening our eyes. Through it we can perceive loves seven aspects shining from the unconscious. But mindfulness is not encouraged in our rushed, overstimulated lifestyles. In fact, it is often reduced to just a trendy concept. We need a daily practice to counteract the un-mindfulness of modern life. That practice is meditation.

Regular meditation is like washing the gunk out of our eyes so they can open. It quietens the mind, creating empty space in the psyche – where there’s empty space, there’s mindfulness.

This path does not require discipline and rigour – other than the commitment to certain spiritual practices. The seven aspects of love emerge in their own time. They are as much part of the totality of reality as visible wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Meditate… in order to be mindful… in order to experience the seven aspects of love.