15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

The world is aware of the power of practising mindfulness, but when it comes to implementing it everyday, most people hit a wall. The desire is there, but the difficulty to gently connect with oneself and slow down remains. How do we have the patience for quiet space to nurture our thoughts and feelings, when there is just so much to be done, always? The ancient art of ritual is one way to carve out the necessary time your body and mind require, and can become a beautiful part of your life. Below are some of my favourite rituals.


Morning cup of coffee, tea, cacao

This is the perfect time to sit down and set your intentions for the day. It is a time for beginnings, to appreciate the new day and connect with what you are feeling in the moment. The ritual of making your coffee should involve care. Use a beautiful cup that has special meaning for you, brew your beverage carefully, practice patience as it cools, sip it slowly observing the sensation.



Smudge sticks are an effective way to cleanse a space and channel new intentions. Every so often, consider what it is that is creating negative emotions in your life. Take time to light your smudge stick and gently move it around your space, being present, breathing the aroma, accepting and letting go. Be sure to store your smudge stick correctly, such as a ceramic smudge bowl so you can use it time and time again.



All workspaces are different, but if you are able, having an incense burner or essential oil diffuser is a great way to practise being mindful. Take time to set up your workspace. Choose your incense or oil based on what you are feeling, or what feeling you are hoping to cultivate that day. Place it in a beautiful vessel that connects you to the act, forcing you to recognise the ritual. Once lit, take ten slow, deep breaths with your eyes shut, listening to your body, before beginning work.


Through these three simple rituals, you can nurture awareness and honour yourself everyday.