15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Wouldn’t you love to be able to have the freedom from orthotics and still be pain free? How about having the freedom to wear the shoes you want, without being restricted by orthotics. Well that is achievable, because in reality most people do not need to wear orthotics. There is a natural podiatric solution. If you want to avoid wearing foot orthotics then keep reading. You will discover how the majority of clients that visit the right Podiatrist do not need orthotics and have the freedom to walk barefoot and wear a whole variety of shoes.

Freedom from orthotics – Freedom from foot pain

Orthotics are often not needed because your feet can improve naturally with foot mobilisation therapy (FMT) and corrective exercises. You may actually have joints in your foot and ankle that are misaligned. It is these misaligned joints that often lead to foot & leg pain. Those misaligned joints can be corrected using gentle foot mobilisation. When this happens, foot pain reduces.

Freedom to wear shoes you want

Imagine having the freedom to wear the shoes you like without orthotics. Initially when you are weaning yourself off orthotics you will need to stay wear shoes that are generally more supportive. As your feet become stronger with the exercises given along with the foot mobilisation you will be able to wear shoes that are less supportive. These less supportive shoes include slip-ons, thongs, ballet flats and minimalist/barefoot type footwear.

Freedom to walk barefoot without pain

Are you unable to walk barefoot because your feet are too painful on the hard floor? Maybe your heels are extremely painful with the first few steps you take. Natural Corrective Podiatry helps correct the underlying cause of your condition enabling the body heal to itself… no orthotics, no surgery and no medication. In the meantime try a simple exercise such as rolling your foot over a rolling pin or a tennis ball first thing in the morning and also in the evening. This helps increase blood flow to the foot and improves mobility.