15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

If you’re interested in getting fit and healthy, the chances are your first thoughts are going to the gym or other forms of exercise. But I believe the true foundation of good health and vitality is not just building toned, taut muscles, but more importantly, it is the art of building healthy, nourished, hydrated and oxygenated blood.

When it comes to oxygenating the blood, it’s all about breathing and posture. How you hold yourself has a huge impact on how you breathe and move. At TriBreath we have a saying “Point your thumbs in the direction you’re going”. This may sound obscure, but holding this simple position provides many positive effects that are immediate.

  • It lifts your head, minimising the compression of your neck.
  • It opens your shoulders, allowing your lungs to fill freely and deeply.
  • It makes it very difficult to slump.
  • It makes nasal breathing easier, influencing many long-term health benefits.
  • It engages and lifts your chest muscles.
  • It activates your core muscles.

You see, an upright posture goes deeper than just your skeletal system; it promotes feelings of strength and self-confidence. When others see you holding yourself upright, they observe something different about you; it’s a poise that is very attractive and can be described as noble.

So before you think about heading to the gym or going for a walk, follow these simple steps.

Step one: Lift your shoulders up, back and down.

Step two: Rotate your thumbs to point straight ahead of you.

Step three: As you move about in your daily life, periodically check your thumbs and say to yourself “Point your thumbs in the direction you’re going”. Keep repeating steps one and two.

It’s as easy as that and the great thing is it’s anatomically impossible for you to fail.