15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Dreaming as a verb – indicates an ongoing flow of action, a progression, a journey. Dreaming is instantaneous. It is the way your right brain spatial and sensory cues and movements.

These exercises consciously move the body and/or emotions to break up entrenched patterns of fear, old belief systems, restore natural flow of movement in body and mind, boost the immune system, facilitating optimum use of natural capabilities.

Imagery exercises are short, simple, evocative, fun; tools for you and your baby toward a safe, satisfying experience. In tune with your inner self, you regain control over your own birthing process

Catherine suggests we dream day and night. Because the flow of your dreaming is subconscious – part of the right brain activity that never ceases, you are not aware of it.

Night dreams are windows, cut outs in the flow of your dreaming. You recall them because of their intensity of sensations or emotions, or because they are weird enough to surprise you.

*The flow of dreaming is what the right hemisphere of your brain is always engaged in, through neuronal pathways connecting with the older mammalian brain, the much older reptilian brain. At every moment, operating like a giant radar, your brain assesses where you are spatially; what surrounds you, what is happening inside your body.

Your right brain is the screen picking up signal near and far transmitted thru receptors of your senses – (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) reshaping them into readable images. It is your visual reader.

The spoken and written word are language of the left brain it takes time to digest, comprehend, an image speaks volumes in an instant and effortlessly communicates a multilayered reality.

Dreaming is interactive, responding to what it, senses or sees. By dialoguing with your body, responding with the appropriate images to the images your body shows you, you become a partner in helping it meet its challenges and maximise its performance.

Learning to quiet your left brain (the doubting Thomas of your conscious mind), involved in your dreaming, you will give birth in a state of peak experience or heightened awareness in which body, mind are experienced as one. This is what is called the ‘zone.’