15-17 November 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Never has mankind faced so many difficulties as now. Most would consider peace to be impossible. What if peace could come by regaining our ancient star knowledge? If we, originally, came from a whole other universe where an enormous nuclear explosive war destroyed us all, and our own power caved into a hole deep into the earth; then we would remember this on a subconscious level. Our subconscious mind would then want to travel back to the stars, and forever we would be pondering on our history. Our earth would also remember us, as we were always part of her. Then she would mimic the same sequences back to us, as we do to her.

Caeayaron’s transmissions, through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, unravels our own ancient universal history to show how dark minded beings syphoned our cosmos power through a hole in our universe by collapsing in the fields. Caeayaron explains that original Space Time expanded all cosmos fields. If these fields were destroyed, then Space and Time would have collapsed. Significant remainders of scattered cosmos power would still be seen today.

This could well mean that our own subconscious minds can feel and hear our own universal echoes calling in space. This could well explain why immense pain and grief is within the consciousness of humanity, as humanity’s consciousness hears the echoes of our ancient past.

The secrets of the universe could well point to our own history in the cosmos. If our own original star fields rejuvenated our earth and people, and if the key were the Cosmos Creation Codes of Life, then we could only come into peace and rejuvenation with those same Cosmos Codes. We would then need to relearn ancient techniques to gain a cosmos trust relationship with earth, with earth as our teacher.

If those original cosmos sequences were the ultimate answer to solving conflict of humanity and rejuvenating our earth, then Suzanna Maria Emmanuel may well be able to do her designated task to bring millions of people (until the year 2032) their original Cosmos Codes of Life back. Maybe one day the people would want to return to the ancient ways of Universal Love. Then we might, together, succeed at restoring peace on earth.

The Life Coder of the original universes always held all knowledge of all creation. Today, she has been recognized as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Caeayaron’s Cosmos Messenger.

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