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A staple of fruit bowls everywhere, the humble apple also happen to be a powerful source of skin-saving magic. When apple extract is used in skincare, the rich nutritional profile of this common fruit has far-reaching benefits. From protecting against free radical damage, brightening skin and keeping large pores taut and toned, here are some amazing skin benefits the good old apple serves up.

Full of anti ageing vitamins and nutrients

An apple a day keeps wrinkles at bay

Apples are packed full of skin-saving goodness thanks to the amazing anti ageing trio, vitamin C, vitamin A and copper. Vitamin C does a fantastic job of restoring the collagen content of our skin, keeping it looking firmer and younger, longer. It’s also a potent antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals responsible for accelerating the appearance of wrinkles. Anti-aging superstar, Vitamin A, or retinol, stimulates the growth of new cells, helping to rebuild damaged skin tissue. It also plays a role in keeping skin hydrated and supports the skin’s immune system. Meanwhile, copper encourages the production of hyaluronic acid, which plumps out the skin and helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliating and acne fighting

Rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), apples make an effective, gentle exfoliator, thanks to the malic acid. Malic acid works a little differently than other exfoliators, it doesn’t need a scrubbing motion on the skin to make it effective exfoliator, it instead breaks up the proteins that hold the skin cells together. Regular exfoliation clears away dead skin cells, paving the way for younger, healthier skin cells to shine through.

Apple even helps tackle one of the most common and often challenging skin conditions; acne. Vitamin A prevents the formation of comedones, responsible for the most common forms acne and the B5 vitamin, also known as pantothenic acid found in apples is proven to combat acne and irritation, also acting as an antibacterial and skin-softening agent.

Brightens skin and dark circles under eyes

Apple elixir

Apples are glow-getters and perfect for general skin brightening or battling a case of the dreaded undereye circles. Apples are a remarkable natural skin brightener, thanks to the generous amounts of vitamin C packed into this humble fruit. Vitamin C banishes dull skin, whitening it by inhibiting the production tyrosinase, an enzyme which reduces the production of melanin pigments. The fewer melanin pigments your body produces, the lighter your skin will be.

We’ve harnessed the power of apple extract in our divine serum, Elixir, to rescue you from under eye circles. It works together beautifully with jasmine and enzymes of the green coffee bean to soothe puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of dark shadows.

Remember the malic acid that does a great job at exfoliating? It also serves to hydrate and brightens skin, both important for a healthy looking complexion.

Toning and tightening

Apple is a wonderful natural toner, reducing the appearance of large pores by tightening the skin and stimulating blood circulation to the surface. Toning is an important part of healthy skin care, it not only makes for tighter looking skin, toning removes extra dirt, oil and debris your cleanser may have missed. The effective toning benefits of apple extract make it well suited for to oily skin types with large pores.

There you have it! A healthy snack, delicious in a strudel and great for your skin, what’s not to love about this amazing fruit!