15-17 November 2024
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There are many great essential oils that can aid concentration and focus, and here are seven of our favourites!


Basil is renowned for its ability to assist with improving clarity and focus. It stimulates the brain, helps the intellect and improves concentration. The vibrant aroma will awaken the senses and help with study and focus.


While it may be similar to Peppermint, Spearmint Essential Oil has a more subtle aroma and is great when focus and alertness are needed. It invigorates on all levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually – and I particularly love blending spearmint with Lime to clear the atmosphere, energetically. Spearmint blends beautifully with most essential oils and adds that extra zing to your blend.

May Chang

May Chang (also known as Litsea) is revitalising and uplifting and can lift your spirits to help focus and remain on track whilst working or studying. It resembles a mix of Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, and Lemon Ironbark and is the oil of choice for when you want to remain calm but switched on.


Bergamot is the perfect choice if you need some support to feel grounded and present. With its fresh, citrus aroma, Bergamot helps lift the spirit and aids concentration. Pilot studies suggest that even brief exposure to Bergamot may have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. A more cheerful disposition can lead to more energy diverted to the optimistic sunny side of ourselves helping with focus and direction.


Cedarwood is known for its support to relieve mental strain and stress, clearing the mind to help with study and concentration. Its deep, woody aroma helps to calm a busy mind, to aid clear thinking and achieve more with clarity and awareness.


Inflammation in the body can lead to lethargy and brain fog, making our signature oil, Kunzea, another great oil for improving focus and energy. Kunzea’s fresh, clean, invigorating aroma is also uplifting emotionally, making work more pleasurable and less of a burden. It can be used on its own but is great blended with May Chang for an added dose of happiness and inspiration.

White Cypress Leaf

White Cypress has a woody, balsamic aroma and is the oil of choice for improving any nervous tension that might contribute to a lack of focus. A relatively new player in the essential oil world, White Cypress can help remove blocks in order to move forward with confidence. A refreshingly beautiful aroma that blends well with the citrus oils and woods.