14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Fergo’s Farm

Fergo’s Farm loves connecting to nature. A small family business following holistic beekeeping practices, producing a full flavoured raw honey and healing herb-infused balms. The variety of honey colours and flavours hail from seasonal blossoms which results in their popular mixed blossom raw honey. Then Fergo’s Farm recycle their chemical-free beeswax, into nourishing hand crafted […]

ANDESS Rainforest Healing Plants

All our products are sourced directly from local artisans and producers in The Amazon Rainforest and The Andes Mountains. We have items that have been used for Thousands of years for spiritual and physical healing. We at Andess believe that we can provide a sort of economical income to local producers by buying directly from […]

Dusty Blend

At Dusty Blend, we embark on a journey to redefine the essence of luxury, offering a curated selction of Bath, Body and Home Fragrance products designed to elevate your senses. Made right onsite in our studio store, created using quality ingredients, sourced within Australia. Supporting other Australian business being a priority. Indulge in the art […]

SJ Energy Candles

Our Candles are meticulously HAND CRAFTED to synchronise with your innate energy fields, our energy-activated candles elevate your VIBRATIONAL frequency and nurture your well-being. Tap into your wellspring of healing energy rather than relying on outside sources as we go into our year 8 cycle Influence through authority, what ever has authority over you will […]

EartHeart Space Readings

EartHeart Space Readings has many years’ experience being able to intuitively feel the vibe or energy of a space. Assisting people by giving them the tools to change how they feel about a space and how the energy of the space can be changed or enhanced. Julie has studied and included her knowledge of Feng […]

Hunter Lavender Farm

Hunter Lavender Farm creates all-natural products that not only bring delight and joy, but also promote positive emotions and improve your overall well-being. Their Certified Australian Made range includes Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Sleep Well Pillow Mist, Lavender Eye Pillow, Be Calm Lavender Roll-on, Dried Lavender Sachets and much more. Explore their range and discover […]

Intuitive Candle Co

At Intuitive Candle Co, we’ve poured our heart and soul into crafting candles like no other. Each candle is a masterpiece, meticulously infused with a unique blend of energy, sacred coding, and powerful symbols. We’ve channelled our passion for healing and transformation into every flame to help you achieve a state of balance, abundance, and […]

Jelaine Home

Jelaine Home – Home Decor-Made With Love! Hand-Poured Acrylic/Eco Resin Pieces, Soy/Beeswax Candles, Wax Melts with Natural Botanicals & Crystals & Handmade Resin Earrings. Acrylic/Eco Resin trays, trinket dishes, pots, vases, candle holders, key rings, and more and specialising in custom made mother of pearl, shell and tile mosaic trays and dishes. Each piece is […]

Aretii Naturals

Introducing to you, our signature collection of Coconut Wax candles with a choice of either Natural Fragrances or scented, you will be taken on a journey of total calm, relaxation and indulgence all while being able to enjoy a cleaner burning, eco friendly candle. Coconut wax (the newbie in the room) is a renewable and […]


I’m a dedicated lightworker and crystal energy specialist. My ethos is unbreakable—I’ve learned and risen from life’s challenges. As a teacher, I believe in empowering others to find their own light. In 2008, I created the first liquid crystal-infused soy candle, and by 2013, I shared this powerful ritual in my book. Crafted with purpose, […]