14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre


The MindBodySpirit Festival offers a comprehensive spiritual, health, and wellbeing experience. With zones ranging from the mediation room that delivers relaxing 20 minute sessions, to the presentation stages, showcasing inspirational seminars from expert speakers. 

In our various zones, expect a mixture of enriching activities, exhibits, and workshops aimed at inspiring a healthier and happier living.

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Meditation Room timetable at Brisbane MindBodySpirit Festival

Meditation Room

Visit the Meditation Room for free guided meditation sessions. Relax, unwind and learn simple methods of meditation and gain more confidence, joy, open-heartedness and love. Enjoy a beautiful meditation practice every 20 minutes at MindBodySpirit Festival and rejuvenate yourself. The sessions are run by certified teachers of Brahma Kumaris.

Two people sitting cross legged on carpet

Gratitude Space

Drop by our Gratitude Space at the Festival, where you can put your positivity and gratefulness out into the universe. Take a moment to reflect on others' notes at your leisure, and write down what you are truly grateful for.
Remember, there's always a reason to be thankful. Add your message to hundreds of others, and stop to read a few other messages of gratitude!


Experience the famous Wings at the MindBodySpirit Festival, where your photo opportunities await you.