14-16 February 2025
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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Harmony is within.

It’s surprising what we find under layers and layers of our energy. Happiness, fear, anger, peace… you never know until you delve into its depths. What do you suspect is lying dormant in yours?

Have you ever considered why you reach for food to comfort you? Are you drawn to negative relationships? Does money hit your hand and slide right out of it again? Is your body sick and the medical world don’t have answers? Unlock your energy’s secrets in a Harmony Me Healing session and discover for yourself how harmony has been within you all along, you just need to find it!

Some have called Harmony Me Healing deep relaxation; others consider it like a therapy session. You may realise exactly what has been holding you back during a session, why contentment has been alluding you or finally appreciate what your body has been trying to say for years!

Harmony Me Healing is the newest and most insightful energy healing modality in Australia. Along with gentle energy and hands-on healing; intuitive messages are also gifted in the session. These may be on an energy medicine level, or a life-changing level. Either way, you’ll finally know how to heal and what’s been holding you back.