14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Zen Warrior Shop

Launch on a wild ride at Mind Body Spirit Festival with Zen Warriors – your secret stash for badass yoga and activewear. Dive into our killer collection made for both male and female warriors crushing it in fitness and the great outdoors.

Ladies, ignite your vibe with the cosmic energy of Crystal Sound Bowls and the earthy vibes of Mala Beads. Wrap yourself in activewear that shouts “warrior goddess,” slaying every pose with a blend of grace and fierceness.

Guys, channel the primal vibes of Tibetan Singing Bowls and the swagger of Orgonite Pendants. Own the gym, smash your limits, and rock activewear that’s tailor-made for modern warriors setting the badassery bar sky-high.

Join our tribe of Zen Warriors at the MBS Festival (C12).

Elevate your fitness game, salute your inner badass, and conquer your path with yoga and activewear that’s a damn extension of your rebellious soul. Don’t just shop – seize the moment, rock it now, and let your fierce vibes unfold effortlessly 🏋️‍♀️🔮🖤

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