14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Soul Medium

Mark Anthony Hamilton, husband, father of 5, Author, Soul medium and more.
Before Mark was 10 he has connected to spirit, yet ignored it most of his life. After school, Mark started out as a tradie, got into bathroom renovations, and then was a trade trainer in Carpentry as he loved helping people. After the training facility was taken over and other events there was no more work, Mark then went to university and completed two degrees (Psychology/Gestalt Therapy) in the hope of helping people even more. He tried really hard to avoid his natural gifts until he couldn’t ignore them anymore. Mark now has multiple jobs as a soul medium, dad, nutritional health, author, and carpentry also does Medical Intuitive and Remote Viewing work.
Mark’s latest book ‘Break Free From Self Sabotage in 7 Steps will be available in limited supply during the event.

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