14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

NMCA ‘New Muslim Care Association”

Discovering Islam with New Muslim Care Association (NMCA).

NMCA, the New Muslim Care Association, stands as a beacon of support and guidance for Reverts and Muslims across Queensland. Committed to easing the transition into daily Islamic life, NMCA provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of those embracing Islam and of those already muslim.

At the heart of NMCA’s mission is Dawah and Dawah Training where our knowledgeable Daa’ee’s convey the message of Islam. NMCA also focuses on mentorship, where experienced and empathetic mentors offer a helping hand to new Muslim reverts. These mentors serve as pillars of support, guiding individuals through their spiritual journey and helping them navigate the challenges and joys that come with embracing a new faith.

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