14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Mel Watt Photography

Mel Watt is a Portrait Photographer specialising in helping women to reclaim themselves and embrace ALL of who they are with black & white “No Makeup” Empowerment portraits so they can awaken their strength and beauty within.
About five years ago, Mel’s mental health suffered and struggled with being proud of who she was and found there were a lot of women out there who felt the same way. As a result she started the “Empowering Women Photography Project” as she believed women including herself needed to feel more proud of who they are and not let society dictate who or what we should be or look like.
Media portrays a lot of false representations about how we should be as women and I felt we needed to move away from this idea of ‘perfectionism’.
Mel originally studied nursing and completed my Bachelor of Nursing in 1993 which she finds helps her today with connecting and building relationships with her clients and providing a safe space for women to be their true authentic selves.

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