14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

iTeraCare – THZ Wellbeing

Genuine iTeraCare Frequency Wands & wellbeing devices activate your body’s self-healing capacity. Our frequency wands use proven terahertz frequency and scalar technology (it’s like having a portable medbed you can take anywhere!)

We’re offering iTeraCare frequency wand and iTeraCare Bio foot spa sessions, terahertz charged coherent water, oxygen water, hydrogen water, EMF patches and RENEW patches and the new Premium Plus iTeraCare Frequency Wand will be available too!

Terahertz frequencies & terahertz charged water assist with:

* Improving sleep quality
* Detoxing
* Dissipating pain
* Clearing your energy field
* Increasing hydration
* Improving circulation
* Activating cellular health

& so much more!

Come visit us to try this amazing new technology for yourself. Your body will thank you!

Check out our show specials – you can get a Classic Wand for 50% off with any purchase over $650 AUD!

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