14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Elizabeth Bratcher Psychic Medium

I am Elizabeth Bratcher Psychic Medium, one of Australia’s most trusted Psychic Mediums. I work with energy and spirit to bring you readings that are accurate and specific. Allowing you to lay peace to the past, clarity to the present and hope for the future. As seen on TV and Radio I am an evidential medium and connecting to your loved ones passed is a special part of any reading. Sharing messages from spirit and proving that our soul and love, truly are eternal. I like to work literally and tune into specifics. I am not here to give you all your answers, but I can give you the insight and guidance you need to find those answers yourself. I am here to give you what spirit feels you need, not what you want to hear 😉 There is almost no subject that I will not sit with so please come with your questions prepared, your heart open and your energy free. Your time with me is valuable and it is a privilege to share your space.

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