14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

EartHeart Space Readings

EartHeart Space Readings has many years’ experience being able to intuitively feel the vibe or energy of a space. Assisting people by giving them the tools to change how they feel about a space and how the energy of the space can be changed or enhanced. Julie has studied and included her knowledge of Feng Shui into understanding the Energy Flow but does not allow this knowledge to restrict or inhibit your unique Energy flow. This is the part that is often missed when advising Energy flow within a space: You!
Showing clients simple steps to clear a space, and creating spaces to live, love and work.
Do you feel tired when you enter a space – your work space, home office, bedroom, etc?
Have you moved into a new home and you are constantly sick or sad?
Does your workplace feel toxic or you do not like going to work, but do not know why?
EartHeart Space Readings can assist you to create a space that be more harmonious, peaceful, productive, uplifting, happy, positive.

Learn to recognize how your space impacts you and your life and how to transform you space positively.

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