14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Costanzo Jones Designs

Costanzo Jones Designs design hand make a range of exquisite crystal and gemstone mandala hangers from 25cm to 1.2 metres, tree of life crystal hangers, crystal key rings, gemstone necklaces, gemstone novelties, stunning crystal tiaras,
We also design a range of Zen statue display sets incorporated with crystals & gemstones.
Gemstone trees.
We import & stock a range of collector quality crystals including clusters, unique spheres, towers, crystal points up to 35kg, fluorite, moss agate, fluorite towers, shungite, sodalite, fire quartz, rose quartz, amethyst plus many more gemstone specimens.
We source crystals & gemstone specimens for collectors world wide.
All our products are exclusively designed & handcrafted in QLD Australia using top quality materials sourced from around the world including natural gemstones & crystals, AAA grade glass beads.
We offer exclusive first-rate products and exceptional customer service. We’re a business of innovators and forward-thinkers.

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