14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

CAEAYARON’s Global Love Wave

Do you desire to discover the keys to New Creation Manifestation? Would you explore how these keys can help you to help yourself grow in greater peace, love, self-motivation, confidence, guidance, purpose, hope and joy? Do you desire to see the Earth heal, so that the World can operate in a whole new way of unity? What would that mean for you, your family and future generations to come?

Universal Love Fundamentals of Light Concepts can help you work with Universal Love in your life, to help you to see and understand the pathway forward as to how a great global consciousness shift of love and peace can come to Earth and Humanity.

Learn how you too can catch the Great Wave of Cosmic Light as you come to understand how gaining your universal love codes back through the Universal Love Activations with CAEAYARON, with the Sovereign Universal Love Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the Ultimate pathway to love and peace, so that the Earth can become restored and humanity can evolve.

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