14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre


I’m a dedicated lightworker and crystal energy specialist. My ethos is unbreakable—I’ve learned and risen from life’s challenges. As a teacher, I believe in empowering others to find their own light. In 2008, I created the first liquid crystal-infused soy candle, and by 2013, I shared this powerful ritual in my book. Crafted with purpose, my candles combine soy wax, liquid crystal, essential oils, and A-grade crystals. Each takes 45 days to create, undergoing lunar and crystal energy bathing. The result is a unique tool for healing and elevation. Our Liquid Crystalline Livani Candle©, invoking Saint Kyprianos and Archangel Michael, offers a devotional atmosphere, purifying, and raising spiritual states with frankincense essential oil and resin.

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