14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Aussie Cat Lady

I help cat parents relieve their cat’s stress, aggression and anxiety by using vibrational therapies to balance their cat’s mind and body.

I hand craft a range of Feline Flower essence blends. These blends help cats who are anxious, timid and fearful, who toilet outside of the litter tray or experience multi-cat household dynamics that lead to bullying and dominant behaviour or submissive, hiding behaviour.

I also hand craft a range of Feline Shell & Coral essence blends. These super-charged blends help cats who suffer separation or extreme anxiety, highly aggressive cats and also a special blend for Cat Rescue workers and foster carers which helps to balance emotions and uplift.

For 2024 I am launching a new range to help harmonise your cat’s emotions using the vibration of colour plus a new guide called Purrfect Palette: Colour Therapy for Cats.

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