14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Soul Medium

Mark Anthony Hamilton, husband, father of 5, Author, Soul medium and more. Before Mark was 10 he has connected to spirit, yet ignored it most of his life. After school, Mark started out as a tradie, got into bathroom renovations, and then was a trade trainer in Carpentry as he loved helping people. After the […]

Soul Compass

Dee is a gifted Evolutionary Astrologer with over 25 years experience. She is giving 30 minutes readings of your birth chart, deep diving into your Soul’s purpose and current spiritual journey. In this reading, you will be able to witness how the energetic imprint of your Astrological birth chart can reveal your past, present and […]

Pink Diamond Guide

Whether you seek answers regarding health, wealth, or relationships, Susie can help facilitate profound positive changes in your life with higher consciousness readings and teachings Book a reading with her today to explore the transformative possibilities that await you.

Powered by Above

Marcia Quinton and Deborah Tant have joined forces at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. Deborah Tant – Children’s Book Author and Essential Oil Seller. Deborah’s 100% pure essential oils are from all over the world and are excellent for diluting with a carrier and blending for massage, diffusers and air sprits. There will be some […]

Psychic Medium

Lynda – The Psychic Pinup Mirella – Psychic Medium | Lynda – The Psychic Pinup Mirella – Psychic Medium | Lynda – The Psychic Pinup Both practicing Mediums and Psychics. They currently read for clients internationally and Australia wide. They connect with Spirit through their clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience, clairgustance & claircognizance). They are […]

Lady D’s Psychic Parties

Lady D is a gifted Psychic, Medium & Astrologer. Lady D reads from a nonjudgmental & heart felt space. She can help with any life issues such as Love, Relationships, Career & Finances. You can contact Lady D on either 0417 267 720 or email thieledanielle@yhaoo.com.au Aileen Hope understands how important it is to connect […]

Sacred Healing Soul Activation

Andrea is an intuitive spiritual guide, psychic, medium, & channel into the multi-dimensional realms. She works directly with your soul, personal guardians, & Angelic beings to channel healing light & information for your personal DNA blueprint. Andrea specialises in DNA coding, light activations, & energy retrieval. Andrea provides holistic healing services that were born of […]

Positive Beginnings By Melissa

Melissa Evans is an Intuitive Psychic Empowerment Life Coach Medium & Author. With over 25 years experience Melissa has worked both nationally and internationally and lives in Brisbane Australia. Empowering individuals to become the best version of who they are. Helping others become aware of their blockages and soul alignments to becoming our true authentic […]

Russell Ross

A reading/healing is a combination of energy allowing me to see, hear, and empathically feel into your past present and future whether in this life or another.. I am able to tune into people and spirit both guides and loved ones around you.. as this is happening the healing energy allows me to access deeper […]

The Celestial Butterfly

I am an intuitive medium of over 30 years & use my guidance of spirit to bring Information to you & your loved ones. As an empath I tap into your vibrational energy & of those around you to bring guidance & clarity to your life. I work with my guides & yours to bring […]