14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Soul Compass

Dee is a gifted Evolutionary Astrologer with over 25 years experience. She is giving 30 minutes readings of your birth chart, deep diving into your Soul’s purpose and current spiritual journey. In this reading, you will be able to witness how the energetic imprint of your Astrological birth chart can reveal your past, present and […]

Lady D’s Psychic Parties

Lady D is a gifted Psychic, Medium & Astrologer. Lady D reads from a nonjudgmental & heart felt space. She can help with any life issues such as Love, Relationships, Career & Finances. You can contact Lady D on either 0417 267 720 or email thieledanielle@yhaoo.com.au Aileen Hope understands how important it is to connect […]

The Celestial Butterfly

I am an intuitive medium of over 30 years & use my guidance of spirit to bring Information to you & your loved ones. As an empath I tap into your vibrational energy & of those around you to bring guidance & clarity to your life. I work with my guides & yours to bring […]


Multi-lingual (including Japanese), Master Khor has read more than 15,000 palms of people from over 65 nationalities. His clients include ambassadors,CEOs,doctors,lawyers,celebrities and the general public. Master Khor has been featured in various international media and is aregular speaker at government agencies, tertiary bodies, holistic festivals and professional bodies. His readings are said to be positive, […]

Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg Psychic Medium & Twin Flame Katrina Clairvoyant Numerologist both possess exceptional talent in providing accurate & profound insights through their individual skills & gifts. Mystic Meg’s ability to share inspiring information on your health, lovelife, finances & well-being using intuitively guided messages through crystals combined with her psychic abilities while being able ro […]

Botanica Stone

Botanical inspired jewellery molded and cast from Real Australian native and Medicinal plants.