14-16 February 2025
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Spirit Vision Art

Have your unique Spirit Guide portrait drawn, as you wait, by a spiritual artist with over forty years experience. Lesley Crossingham has trained with Native American Indians and masters of the far east. She brings a wealth of experience to all her artwork. In addition, as a clairvoyant, Lesley channels deep and insightful messages from […]


The Aura & Chakra Scan is a personal 9-page report showing your energies and the strength of each chakra. No need to make an appointment, just come and see us anytime.

The Crossroads’ Destiny

A space dedicated to professional tarot readers, students, authors, publishers and niche-related business, in search to expand knowledge, exchange ideas and excel their professional development, creating an ecosystem for valuable networking and collaboration together. Visit website to find out more about special services, coaching packages, tailored content upon request, digital content for self-taught learners and […]

Mel Watt Photography

Mel Watt is a Portrait Photographer specialising in helping women to reclaim themselves and embrace ALL of who they are with black & white “No Makeup” Empowerment portraits so they can awaken their strength and beauty within. About five years ago, Mel’s mental health suffered and struggled with being proud of who she was and […]

Midnight Ritual

We are a married couple who handmake everything together – wands, ritual staffs and other witchy bits! We take a lot of inspiration from the Norse and Celtic pantheon, so a lot of our work will have imagery from those gods and goddesses.

Alchemy of Self

Mama Medicina abdominal massage is a combination of massage, Arvigo, fascial work, scar tissue & adhesion release. MM can improve organ function by gently relaxing physical and emotional congestion & contractions. By relieving congestion and blockages we improve the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems to prevent the progression […]


Turn your eye into stunning artwork! The human iris is more individualised than your fingerprint! Our technology allows us to capture your eye with stunning clarity and detail. Choose from prints and jewellery to express your unique and personal artwork. We print on the spot for you to take home and display.

Carys Martin Ceramics

Bring a little magic into your life and to elevate your daily rituals with Carys Martin Ceramics. Carys creates beautiful handmade ceramics in her Cleveland studio; wheel throwing the forms, hand sculpting and painting the details before embellishing with real gold, making each piece truly unique. Three generations of family come together, combining their unique […]