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Where you experience a breakout may give some insight into the internal issues that your body may be experiencing. We’ve translated breakouts into what your skin may be telling you depending on the area.

1. Digestive System – Forehead
If your skin is speaking through your forehead you could be having problems with digestion. If your skin is speaking between your eyebrows you may be indulging in too much alcohol and fatty food, so consider limiting these. Consider if you may be intolerant to certain foods in your diet and make sure that you are drinking enough water.

2. Respiratory – Cheeks
If your skin is speaking through your cheeks you may be suffering from allergies or exposed to pollution. Monitor your environment for potential allergens. Also make sure to regularly wash items that frequently come into contact with your face including bed-sheets, pillows and makeup brushes.

3. Circulatory – Nose
If your skin is speaking through your nose, it may be a good idea to get your blood pressure checked. Consider if your lifestyle is causing you to be stressed. Ensure you are getting enough quality sleep and eating a nutrient rich diet, and try introducing stress-relieving activities such as yoga or meditation.

4. Hormonal – Chin
Hormones play a large part in the appearance of our skin. If your skin is speaking through your chin consider giving it some extra love around the time of your monthlies.

While there are many factors that may cause breakouts, here are some general recommendations to begin with:
– Try using natural skincare and cosmetics products.
– Cut down on alcohol and sugar content.
– Ensure that you are getting enough sleep and that stress is limited where possible.
– Ensure that your body is abundant in essential minerals including magnesium.