14-16 February 2025
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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

On a daily basis we are mostly involved with ourselves as physical, emotional and mental beings. In fact, our true nature is Soul, an eternal spark of God, that has taken the opportunity to incarnate in physical form to learn lessons of Love, Wisdom and Power.

There is a spiritual purpose to your life and it’s about spiritual growth. All of life is actually a school, a school of experience and it is through our daily experiences that we learn about the divine qualities. Some people are further along in this unfoldment than others and so we have great diversity in perceptions of life’s worth and meaning. Most of us have come back to this earth school many times and are starting to wake up to what’s going on.

Now is a time of a great wave of spiritual awakening where many are ready to recognise truth as it comes through to the physical, emotional and mental self; and where does this truth come from? Ultimately, it comes from a higher power that many call God and it comes through to our higher eternal self, Soul, as we gradually expand in awareness.

This great adventure is taking place in every moment of life. When our bodies sleep, our eternal self is learning experiences in other realms. When the physical body is rested and we return to it we say we had a dream. To Soul life is like a dream too – in fact we can learn much from life by looking at daily events as if we were interpreting a dream.

So, life is a great spiritual opportunity that many people miss. Yet, because of the great spiritual awakening that is happening there are many tools and techniques available to propel every state of consciousness forward if one so chooses. One tool that is simple and almost deceptively easy to use it to sing the word ‘HU’ in a long drawn-out note for up to twenty minutes a day. This opens your heart to truth (love), relaxes the mind and allows you to listen inwardly. The inner guidance is there, waiting for you, regardless of where in the spiritual school of life you are.

There’s a wonderful quote by the Persian poet Rumi “ What you seek is seeking you”. Go for it!