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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Breakups are one of the biggest challenges you will ever face.

However, they are also catalysts that allow for our most powerful transformations, unleashing true strength and beauty in ourselves we never thought possible. Once you understand that you have this capacity, you can begin to unlock it.

When we go through a breakup, everything equates to loss.

To the loss of a loved one; loss of ourselves; and loss of the dreams and plans we had set out for our lives with that person. Pain, anger and fear set in and we lose confidence in our ability to achieve the happiness we so desire. What we often forget is that in viewing these times as a loss to our lives, we miss out on one of the greatest opportunities for growth, and transformation we’ll ever get!

The key to overcoming heartbreak is gratitude

Gratitude for the experiences (good and bad) we have to learn from, and a willingness to believe that our purpose on Earth is much bigger than what we can see around us. We all have an important part to play in the lives of those we meet; when we understand that our partners are teachers, we begin to look at our relationships/breakups as chances to learn, not to lose. Turning ‘loss’ into gratitude is one of the most powerful tools you can have in life, and changes every experience into a chance to understand more about the world and how you can contribute to it.

We are each born to do incredible things on this planet, and we all deserve meaningful lives and fulfilling relationships.

Breakups can make an extraordinary person question whether they are worthy or capable of any of these things – and that is the real heartbreak. However, when we learn to view every experience and interaction as a chance to learn, we can begin to unlock the furthest reaches of our own abilities and strength we never knew we had.