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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Toward the end of our evolutionary journey our soul brings us into meditation, specifically, Transmission Meditation. This eventually makes the journey inward to the soul automatic, gradually becoming at one with the soul, so it can manifest clearly and potently on the physical plane.

There are 5 stages of meditation

These stages each lead gradually into the next: concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration.

Transmission Meditation can enhance all these and is the most simple method to establish soul contact. It is really a combination of 2 yogas, Karma Yoga – the yoga of service and Laya Yoga the yoga of chakras: the energies.

By taking part in Transmission Meditation your evolution is propelled forward at an extraordinary rate. This is because of the potency of the energies sent through the chakras. This in turn can result in spontaneous healing.

Transmission Meditation shifts the focus away from simple alignment with your own soul to co-operation and alignment with the kingdom of souls – The Spiritual Hierarchy – with the true fundamental purpose of being a service to the world.

Masters, (The Spiritual Hierarchy), are the custodians of all the energies entering the planet. They manipulate them and send them out into the world in a very scientific way for the evolution of humanity and all the other kingdoms on this planet.

There is, as never before, an enormous potency of energy at their disposal. These forces of energy need to be “stepped down” or they simply bounce off the bulk of humanity.

This process of Transmission will go on into the New Age and beyond, for as long as humanity exists.