14-16 February 2025
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This daily practise assists in beginning the day’s journey with clarity, awareness and gratitude, awakening our capacity to connect to Spirit.

Items needed

  • Sage (white grandfather sage from New Mexico);
  • Shell
  • Smudging wand

Each item represents an element and direction. Fire and East: Shell: Water and South; Sage: Earth and West; Wand: Air and North; are represented when lighting sage.

Begin practice with a Seven Directional smudging ceremony of cleansing and purification.

Basic outline

  1. Light sage
  2. Standing, raise arms above head and offer to Creator (our highest and divine)
  3. Kneel and offer the smoke to Mother Earth and all relations.
  4. Standing, bring smoke above head and offer to father sky, all that dwells in the great sky nation, including the Great Mystery.
  5. Honour the 4 directions, facing each physical direction one at a time, turning heart-wise a quarter turn as you go around the circle.Honour the grandmothers and grandfathers and welcome them to journey with you today, calling to and embodying the quality of each direction

(i) East: joy and rebirth

(ii) South: growth and love

(iii) West: healing and visioning

(iv) North, here as well as honouring grandmothers and grandfathers also welcome the elders and ancient ones, place of knowledge and wisdom.

  1. Center: turn in, bring smoke from heart overhead, breathing in to cleanse on the inside.
  2. Move smoke down body, hands and arms, down torso, legs, feet… Lift left then right foot going underneath to honour ancestors for the steps taken to bring us to this place here and now. Bring smoke up behind body to smudge back of legs, back and up behind head.
  3. From a place of stillness welcome the pure sparkling evanescent light of love. Picture this in your heart, and once connected draw it up through throat, 3rdeye, crown, into our luminous body, out our soul star, past grandmother moon, into our galaxy, through grandfather sun, out into great star nation and into the great mystery.
  4. Then draw back through layers back into the heart. Send down through solar plexus, sacral, base chakras, into luminous body, through earth star and into all layers of Mother Earth: stone, sand, water, fire; and into crystalline core of earth. Then draw back again through all layers back into heart. In this space, we open up to become the channel of the ‘hollow bone’ allowing the energy flow both up and down so we can become a channel for spirit.

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