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When smudging, one should always take a moment to show gratitude for the opportunity and set your intention of removing stuck energy (chi) from your home.

Creating a ceremonious setting to smudge in can make it extra special and fun. It certainly adds to the experience of cleansing your home. Some examples to create a ceremonious space can include burning candles, playing relaxing music, or making a flower offering.

Intention is important when cleansing energy to say something like: “I cleanse this space with love and light” or “I remove all negative energy”.  It is good to have an affirmation that you can repeat throughout the process as it becomes like a meditation if you say it over and over. This will leave you feeling refreshed – like you have done something positive by the end of your smudging!

The more time, focus and intention you put into smudging, the better the results. Weather is also a consideration when smudging the home or workplace. Choose a day that you can open all the doors and windows and allow the breeze to assist stagnant energy leaving your home.

To release the energy, it is recommended to vacuum and clean before the ceremony, make sure you take the time to vacuum every corner in the house and run the hose high up into the corners of walls and behind doors – this is where stuck chi lurks.

Walking around the house, allow the smudge stick to smoke and freely circulate. Waving the smudge stick with large arm movements, blowing on it or waving a feather will usually keep it burning.

Systematically move around the rooms making sure you reach all corners and as high as you can comfortably reach. You can open all drawers and cupboards too for an extra thorough cleanse.

At the start, take a moment to consciously protect yourself from taking on the negative energy you are releasing from your home. Argument energy can lurk behind doors for years!

Ground yourself, take a couple of deep breaths and say something like-

“I release all negative energy in this home and protect myself free from taking on any negative energy.”

It is best not to have children, pets or people who do not protect themselves around while you smudge but if they are present, you can include them in your protection affirmation…

“I ask for protection for my children and pets, so they do not take on negative energy.”

Smudging can also be a quick simple process when you don’t want to do the whole house, but you do want to clear your own personal energy. Simply light the White Sage smudge stick and swirl it around yourself for a quick cleanse at the end of the day. This is particularly beneficial after being around other peoples’ energy or after any challenging times. E.g. argument, stress at work, being with negative people.

Smudging is a great way to clean and access more Life Force Energy. Happy smudging!

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