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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

In our frantically busy current existence there is a desperate call from nature for us to reconnect with ourselves and with each other. Are you searching for ways to enhance your mindfulness experiences? Then look no further than the horse!


Mindfulness with horses may enhance and heighten your experience ~ both of self and of others. These large sentient, majestic but inherently kind, calm and loving beings, want to share their deep wisdom and knowledge of all things with us. Unlike many humans, they are be-ings, not do-ings, very much living in the moment and the now.


When in their presence, their effect on our nervous system can be extraordinary and can help ground even the most agitated of us. Horses have a way of affecting each and every one of us at a deep level. They can calm, they can excite. They can make us gasp in wonder and awe at their very extreme beauty. At times they hold us, at others provoke; their inherent knowing, their guiding force. They never cease to surprise.


The exquisite softness of their velvety nose, the exhilarating tickle of their whiskers, their smell, the guttural softness of their knicker, bring to our senses what little else does, for their attachment and offering to us comes with unconditional love and is completely void of all judgement.


Whether you are familiar with, or new to horses, to simply sit with them is to sit with yourself. It can be one of the most beautiful ways of experiencing self and all that there is.