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If you want to enhance any of your skin loving or anti – inflammatory herbal teas your drinking, enhance your skin regime or you have some extra herbs tucked away in your tea cupboard that you want to use up, then consider trying a facial steam bath.

Some favourite herbs to use are chamomile, rose, calendula, green tea, lemon myrtle and in winter when the upper respiratory system might be struggling, try thyme and eucalyptus leaf.

The steam helps to gently deliver the essential oils from the herbs to the outer dermis of the skin where they impart their topical anti-inflammatory and toning actions leaving your skin feeling really soft and loved. The steam helps to open pores and encourage your skin to clean itself from the inside out, flushing your face with fresh blood and moving waste out.

You need:
1 large serving bowl/salad bowl, big enough to fit a majority of head in
1 towel
Something to boil water, preferably using filtered water
Herbal tea (approximately a loose handful)

The general guide:
Find a comfortable position where you can place your face over the bowl.
Pour the hot water and allow for a slight drop in temperature or add a cup of cold water.
Add you herbs and wait a few minutes for them to steep and start to release their essential oils.
Place your face approximately 20cm from the bowl, again making sure the temp of the water is not excessive and cover the back of your head with the towel.
Hello Steam! Breathe slowly and allow the herbs to work their magic. 5-10 is recommended.
Once finished, splash your face with some cool water and continue with your nutritive skin products .

This article was provided by Heart Therapeutics, who will be at the Brisbane Festival at Stand C23.