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Water is a powerful conductor of psychic and spiritual energy. For centuries, water rituals have been used in ancient cultures as a therapeutic treat­ment. The ancient Greeks took therapeutic baths and the Native Americans included water in many of their healing systems. Now you too can harness the protective power of healing water with these simple rituals…

Crystal water
Do you feel you have a ‘frog in your throat’? Perhaps you feel ‘chocked up’, sometimes feeling you are unable to express the words you would like to say. Why not tap into the power of crystal water. Simply place a small lapis lazuli crystal or blue lace agate crystal into your water canister or bottle. The crystals will imbue your drinking water with their healing and peaceful qualities – balancing and clearing your throat chakra – your spiritual center of expression.

Salt bath
Ever wondered why walking along the beach or taking a plunge in the ocean is so invigorating? Salt water clears and dissolves negative energy. If you don’t live near the ocean you can recreate the effect at home. Simply add a handful of sea salt to your bath water to enjoy the benefits of this age-old ritual. You could also add some lavender or sandalwood essential oil for their cleansing and peaceful qualities.

Water affirmations
Its been proven that water exposed to loving words forms colorful and beautiful snowflake patterns when viewed under a powerful microscope. You can charge your drinking water with positive intentions by writing one of the following affirmations on a label and attaching it to your water bottle. “I AM LOVE,” “I AM PEACEFUL,” or “I AM ABUNDANT”.