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Rituals are an important part of our lives. Our future is not shaped by big decisions or events, but by our daily habits. What you repeatedly do — your choices — defines who you become.

Rituals give us a base and a certainty that is required for our wellbeing.

Rituals within the context of witchcraft are one step above a simple spiritual practice that we might create every day, and they usually require a more structured plan. They give us a sense of control and increase our performance by turning small, everyday acts into more significant ones. They add meaning and joy to our lives. When facing uncertain situations, rituals help us focus, deal with anxiety, or feel more confident. They are based on the faith that something great can happen to us.


Rituals are widely used to raise energy, hold energy, transmute energy, or release energy. The most important part of a magical ritual is the intention and emotions in which the ritual has been performed.

“Not only is seeing believing, doing is believing.” – Barbara Myerhoff

The effectiveness of a magical ritual is often determined by the experience and performance of the magician, who is thought to have access to unseen forces and special knowledge of the appropriate words and actions needed to manipulate those forces.

​​In early times people believed that the deities who resided in each of the known bodies in our solar system, presided over the days of the week. You can invoke the energy of a particular celestial body to aid your magic work by performing spells and rituals on the day that corresponds to the planet. You can apply this rule to anything you do in your daily life, even cooking or getting dressed.

Here are some tips on how to use the days of the week to enhance your magical daily rituals.



Ruled by the Moon

The Moon rules the aspects of home, family, and domestic issues.

Mondays are a good day to do magic to protect your home and family. If you want to increase fertility or address female health problems. Monday is a good day to tap the feminine nature of the Moon.

A good colour candle to work with on this day is white or silver.



Ruled by Mars

Mars is associated with activity, movement and assertiveness.

Action, bravery, and competition are all related to Mars. Tuesday is the perfect time to do magic to buster courage, augment physical strength, and increase vitality.

A good colour candle to work with on this day is red.



Ruled by Mercury

Mercury is associated with communication and mental activity.

On this day do magic to increase mental powers, facilitate communications, or negotiate business deals or contracts. This is a good time to study or share ideas.

A good colour candle to work with on this day is orange.



Ruled by Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, long distance travel, high knowledge, and good fortune.

Do your magical work on Thursday to increase prosperity or attract opportunities in your business or personal areas. This is also a good day to pursue knowledge of higher realms, or study spiritual, metaphysical subjects.

If you want to use this day to create changes in your life, a good colour candle to work with is purple.



Ruled by Venus

Venus is the planet of love and relationships. This is the perfect time to do love spells.

Whether your goal is to attract a new partner or to sweeten an existing relationship, make sure you don’t interfere with anyone’s freewill. If you want to make new friends, get support, or expand your social connections, perform your magic on Friday.

A good colour candle to work with is pink or red.



Ruled by Saturn

Saturn is connected with the past, core beliefs, limitations, stability, persistence, and inner strength.

This is also a good time to do magic to set boundaries, promote personal growth, and make peace with endings.

A good colour candle to work with is dark blue.



Ruled by the Sun

Astrologists associate the sun with your identity, self-image, life purpose, and individuality.

On the Sun’s Day do magic to improve your self-esteem, personal power or the way in which people see you or your public image. Also do spells to improve health and vitality.

A good colour candle to work with on this day is yellow.

Whether you take the time to do some of the extended rituals or you simply invoke the energy of celestial bodies as you perform affirmations and go about your daily life, you are certain to be rewarded with magic when your rituals become a daily habit.


With love and magic,

The Enchantress