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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

How do you go about manifesting your dreams, or creating more abundance into your life? By creating an amazing vision board of course. Not sure where to start? Follow these simple steps and be on your way to a more fulfilled abundant life.

1. Make a list of 10-20 things that you would like to do, or achieve in the next three years. Close your eyes and picture your ideal future. 
What are you doing?  Who are you with? Where are you?  What emotions can you feel? 
Use the following sentence if you’re unable to think clearly:
“In my ideal future, I see myself ___________________________________”
Examples:  Building a new house, completing a half-marathon, etc.

2. Be Clear and Specific.
Include as much detail as you can on each item, even add time frames and highlight any actions you can take now.
a) Spending more quality time with my son – Actions: Schedule some time tonight to talk about his plans for the week, maybe go for a walk with him on Sunday evenings.
b) Lose 10 kilos – Sign up to the local gym in the next 10 days, and meet with a personal trainer and set a plan, including healthy meal options

3. Find pictures!
Search in magazines or online for pictures that remind you of each of the above goals.

4. Stick all the pictures onto a large piece of paper.
Ensure you find bigger sized pictures for those that are more important to you, or the pictures that stand out and inspire you the most!
Optional:  Stick a photo of you looking happy and excited, like you’ve gotten everything you’ve ever dreamed of, right in the middle… this is what you plan to look/live like once you’ve achieved all your goals!

5. Now look at your board and start planning!
Which of these items can you start making progress on? Assume you have NO problems with finances, time, courage, or health, etc, to do any of these things. Assume that the Universe will sort all of that out for you.
Begin taking action TODAY on at least one item you have selected!

6. Check up on your board regularly and track how you’re going.
This board with become your planner, motivator, as well as a guide to the Universe to begin drawing things slowly into your life.

Remember though, you need to take action first.  Once you get the ball rolling, the rest will fall into place!!